Wind: Alternative Energy Resource

Utilization of wind energy was'nt new to mankind. Since 2000 years ago technology resource utilization of wind and water has been known to mankind in the form of wind turbines (wind mills). In addition to environmentally friendly energy sources is also always available every time and have a profitable business future. Nowadays most developed countries in Europe and the United States have taken advantage of this energy source.

In the early days of development, wind energy technology has been used as replacement of human labor in agriculture and manufacturing, now with the new technologies and materials, wind turbine made to generate electricity that is clean, good for lighting, heat or power generation sources for household appliances. According to data from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), until now there are about 20,000 wind turbines worldwide is used to generate electricity. Most turbines are operated in such a special area called the "wind farm".

Alternative Energy 
In European countries, the utilization of renewable energy sources estimated would reach 8% of energy demand in 2005. Wind energy becomes an alternative that many elected and serves to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by the device before. Seven years later, the installed wind energy capacity in Europe jumped by 40% per annum and the current capacity can meet the electricity needs of more than 5 million family heads. Predicted wind power energy industry will have a capacity of 40,000 MW (mega watts) that can meet the need of electricity for 50 million heads of households in the year 2010.

Fifteen years ago, wind energy has not been thought to be a source of commercial energy, but now there are about 60 commercial providers of wind power throughout the world and are mostly located in Europe. More than 10 European banks and 20 largest European economic institutions to invest in wind energy field, and countless individuals or companies that use or play a role in developing this technology.

This industry also absorb quite a lot of labor, so the potential to reduce unemployment. For example, in Danish only, about 8,500 people accommodated in the wind energy industry, and 4000 outside the Danish employment opportunities created from this business. The number of workers involved in the wind energy industry in Europe accounted for more than 20,000 people.

Environmentally Friendly
Wind energy is a relatively clean energy and environmentally friendly because it does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2) or other gases that contribute to global warming, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides (type of gas that causes acid rain). This energy does not generate any waste that is harmful to the environment or humans. However, please note that even the smallest of all forms of energy production always has consequences for the environment. It's just that the effects of wind turbines is very low, localized and manageable. In addition, turbine or windmill has its own charm and becoming an attractive tourist attractions, such as windmill in Holland.

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